Summary of authentication configuration

The main parameters are used to configure IXIASOFT TEXTML Server authentication:
  • AuthenticateUsers: This is the main parameter. If set to False, all users will be able to access TEXTML Server. No authentication is required. If set to True, then the following parameters are used:
    • AuthenticateLocal: Local authentication is used.
    • AuthenticateUsingKerberos: Kerberos authentication is used (Windows only).

The following table summarizes the impact of the TEXTML Server authentication parameters:

Authenticate Users Authenticate Local Authenticate Using Kerberos Comment
False Ignored Ignored No authentication is required. All users can access TEXTML Server.
True True False Local authentication is performed. On Linux, additional configuration is required.
True False True Kerberos authentication is performed. Additional configuration is required. Note that all clients accessing TEXTML Server must also be configured to use Kerberos. Applies to Windows only.
True True True Both local and Kerberos authentication schemes are enabled. Note that this approach is not recommended. However, if both schemes are enabled, Kerberos authentication will first be performed and local authentication will be performed next.