Import the system configuration

Now that you have created the docbase, you need to import the IXIASOFT CCMS system configuration.

The system configuration is available as a ZIP file from the IXIASOFT Download site.

  1. Go to the IXIASOFT Download site:
  2. Open the CCMS_ContentStoreConfiguration folder.
  3. Select either the STD (Standard) or DRM (IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management) directory.
    Please choose the version corresponding to your subscription module.
  4. Select one of the following, corresponding the version of DITA you are implementing:
    • ccms-config-<base or DRM>-<dita1.2>-<cms version>.zip, or
    • ccms-config-<base or DRM>-<dita1.3>-<cms version>.zip
    For example:
  5. Copy the file to the machine where you have access to IXIASOFT TEXTML Server Admin Java console or the TEXTML Administration perspective of the CCMS Desktop.
  6. Unzip the file in to a temporary directory. Once extracted, this zip file contains the following directories:
    • config: Contains the system configuration and index definition
    • *.xls: Utility XSL files designed to help maintain the system configuration
  7. Open IXIASOFT TEXTML Server Administration Console.
  8. Connect to the TEXTML Server containing the docbase.
  9. Select the docbase and navigate to the Repository folder.
  10. Right-click Repository, then select Insert Documents.
    The Insert Documents Dialog is displayed.
  11. Click Add Folder, then navigate to the config/system/ directory.
  12. Click Ok.
    The Insert Documents Dialog is displayed again, this time with the /system/ folder referenced.
  13. Make sure that the Replace and Indexable options are unchecked.
  14. Click OK.
    The System folder is imported.
  15. Right-click the Index Definition document for the docbase. Select Lock.
  16. Right-click the Index Definition document again. Select Import.
  17. In the Open window, navigate to the indexdefinition.xml file in the config directory and click Open.
    The Index Definition document is imported.
  18. Right-click the Index Definition document again. Select Check in.
The docbase is now ready to be used with CCMS.