Enable SSL on the IXIASOFT Scheduler

An option is available in the %OutputGenDir%/conf/schedule.xml file to indicate that SSL should be used when connecting to the IXIASOFT TEXTML Server.

To enable SSL on the Scheduler:

  1. Open the %SchedulerDir%/conf/schedule.xml file.
  2. Into the element <dita.cms> and <textml> of the node <configuration>, enter the SSL secure port and the secure attribute to true.
    For example:
    	<!-- This section is required to synchronize CMS configuration locally -->
    	<dita.cms url="localhost" port="2551" docbase="docbase" secure="true">
    		<user domain="ixiasoft" username="testuser" password="password" synchdir="c:/temp/scheduler/"/>
    		The tags <textml>, <dita.out> and <smtp/> in the <configuration/> section define values 
    		that are used by default. To override a value for a job, specify the element in each job.
    	<!-- This tag defines from which TEXTML Server and Content Store (docbase) the scheduler fetches information -->
    	<textml id="textml1" url="localhost" version="4" port="2551" docbase="docbase" secure="true">
    		<user domain="ixiasoft" username="testuser" password="password"/>
    	<!-- This tag defines which Output Generator the Scheduler can use to generate any output -->
    	<dita.out url="localhost" port="1500" secure="false"/>
    	<!-- This tag defines which SMTP server to use as well as the FROM email address. Please See the Note for more detail. -->
    	<smtp url="smtp.ixiasoft.local" port="25" email="scheduler-noreply@ixiasoft.com" />
    	<!-- This tag defines where the pending jobs are stored.-->
    	<dumpQueue filename="c:/temp/scheduler/scheduler-queue-debug-info.txt" />
  3. Save and close schedule.xml.
  4. Restart the Scheduler.