How can I retain my doctype declaration when importing topics?

You can add the doctype to a system configuration file.


When importing content, the doctypes are being changed to default IXIASOFT ones.


In system/conf/, add the doctypes to the systemid.xml configuration file.

Use a <reference> element to a doctype, for example:

<id mapdefault="-//IXIA//DTD DITA Map for Release Management//EN" topicdefault="-//IXIA//DTD IXIA DITA Composite//EN">
    <reference public="-//IXIA//DTD IXIA DITA Composite//EN" system="IxiaDitabase.dtd"/>
    <reference public="-//IXIA//DTD DITA Map for Release Management//EN" system="IxiaMap-drm.dtd"/>
    <reference public="-//ACME//DTD ACME DITA Composite//EN" system="acme-ditabase.dtd"/>

Any doctype that is not in this list will be refactored to the map or topic default that is listed on the first line.

Note: In this case, <reference> does not refer to the reference topic type. If you use any element other than <reference>, IXIASOFT CCMS does not retain the doctype and instead refactors it to the default. There is no error message if the doctype is refactored.