How can I break the lock on documents that are locked by a writer?

You can break the lock using the TEXTML Administration perspective.


A writer has left our organization and they left several documents locked in IXIASOFT CCMS. If I right-click on the documents in the Search Results view, I do not have an option to release or break the lock.


  1. In the DITA perspective, select the following criteria:
    • Cycles: Authoring
    • Document Types: Maps, Topics, Images
    • Limit to: Locked by me
  2. Click Save a TEXTML query icon.
  3. In the Save query dialog box, type the following: locked documents
  4. Click OK.
  5. In the Search view, in the Queries panel, expand Personal Textml.
  6. Double click locked documents.tql.
  7. In the editor, select all content in the locked documents.tql file and copy to your clipboard.
  8. Open the TEXTML Administration perspective.
  9. Log in to your Content Store.
  10. Right click Document Queries. Click New Query > Advancedv4query.
  11. Type the following: locked documents
  12. Click OK.
  13. Expand the Document Queries folder.
  14. Double click the locked documents.xml file.
  15. Overwrite all content in the file with the content in your clipboard.
  16. Click format and indent icon.
  17. Remove the following line:
    <date_query indexName="" operator="and" range="none"/>
  18. For the following two lines, replace the email address and the domain\username values with the writer who has the content locked:
  19. Save the file.
  20. Right-click the locked documents.xml file. Click Run.
  21. In the TEXTML Search Results view, bulk select the documents.
  22. Right-click the selected documents. Click Break Lock.