How can I send a large Content Store to IXIASOFT using Windows?

You can split the Content Store into multiple parts using 7-Zip.


I need to split my Content Store into smaller parts to prevent file transfer timeouts.


  1. Take a backup of your Content Store.
  2. Right-click the backup folder that contains all of the backup files. Click 7-Zip > Add to archive.
  3. In the Add to Archive dialog box, in the Archive field, type a name for the files. For example, docbase-July1.7z.
  4. In the Compression level drop-down list, select Ultra.
  5. In the Dictionary size drop-down list, type 256 MB.
  6. In the Split to volumes, bytes drop-down list, type 2G.
    7zip split multiple files dialog box selections
  7. Click OK.