A Better PDF Plugin: Using the topic2fo.xsl File instead of custom.xsl

A Better PDF Plugin: Using the topic2fo.xsl File instead of custom.xsl

In my book DITA For Print, I explain how to create a custom PDF plugin. The method I outline there…

Screenshot of TCWorld PDF article on Modernizing User Assistance.

Modernizing User Assistance

SAP uses open-source components to make content more usable and visually appealing, and to take user assistance to the next…

Title page of top 25 influencers for content experience.

Top 200 Content Strategists 2017

Discover the top 25 content strategist influencers of 2017. Candidates are selected based on internet presence, influence, community engagement, and…

Where DITA Is Now and Where It Is Headed: Lightweight DITA and DITA 2.0

Where DITA Is Now and Where It Is Headed: Lightweight DITA and DITA 2.0

  The “D” in DITA stands for “Darwin,” underscoring the fact that the XML standard has evolution built into its…

Technical Communicators

Beyond Traditional Roles: How Technical Communicators Can Add Value

Why do we need technical communicators? The skill sets and experience of technical communicators are valuable assets for global organizations. International tech company ARM has found a way to leverage these skills that goes far beyond the job description…

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DITA Production Metrics: Looking at Topic Ratios

What I think is still a largely under-appreciated aspect of DITA is that it enables documentation teams to measure ongoing…

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The growth of DITA in the UK

DITA XML is the fastest-growing standard for structured content, and my research (published on ditawriter.com/companies-using-dita) has shown it to be…

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Ten Reasons Why DITA and Agile Are Made for Each Other

DITA’s topic­-based approach to enable content reuse complements the principles of Agile methodologies. And that’s by far not the only reason why the two principles make a perfect match…   

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Playing Your Way to Better Content Management and Collaboration

From subject matter experts to content creators, project managers and even translation and localization experts, content management projects involve a lot of people, rendering these projects complex and challenging. The classic game of Snakes & Ladders – adapted to the world of content management – provides a playful tool for people to come together and discuss pathways to a successful project…  

DITA Authoring

The Benefits of DITA Authoring within a CCMS

It is rare for documentation teams to not use some form of database or repository for storing their technical content….

Screenshot of TCWorld PDF article on the past, present, and future of DITA.

The Past, Present, and Future of DITA

As the DITA standard celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, we reflect on its existence over the last decade and…

Screenshot of PDF article on mobility and flexibility, using DITA keys.

From Monolithicity to Flexibility, Using DITA Keyrefs

mono•lith•ic adjective \mä-nə-li-thik\ 1. a: of, relating to, or resembling a monolith : huge, massive… 2. a: cast as a…

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