MadCap Ixia CCMS


February 28, 2019

Collaborative Review+

  • Layout in review mode is as close to the final version as possible
    – Download PDF
    – Allows CSS customization
  • Improved user experience (based on client feedback)
    – Replying to comments
    – TOC navigation
    – UI aligned with design from 5.0
    – Display topic status inside the review
    – Manage annotation in Eclipse
    – Generate output from collaborative review


  • Map-level approval – multiple approvers
    – Accept / reject
    – Default change status trigger (customizable)
    – Has the technical controls necessary for 21 CFR part 11 compliance
    – Generate output from approval object
  • Source topic level approval – 1 approver

A new CCMS Admin Tool is now available

  • User interface editor for AccessRights, Users, Roles and Groups