MadCap Ixia CCMS


March 26, 2020

Generate Output

Ability to generate an output

  • Warning and errors automatically extracted
  • Possibility to select and search for a Ditaval
  • Asynchronous mode to generate more than one output at the same time

List of outputs

  • All the outputs generated are now saved in the same place
  • Automatic and configurable clean-up of the list of outputs
  • Download an output as many times as a user wants


New way to manage the objects a user wants to work on

  • User can filter favorites
  • Add a favorite object from anywhere in the CCMS
  • Add, remove, edit, rename any folder
  • Drag and drop to easily manage all the objects and folders

Dependencies View

View the dependency of each object​​​​

  • Go from an object dependencies to another with just one click
  • Edit or move dependencies directly

Same action button

  • Filter per branch
  • Infinite scroll for longs list of objects
  • In DRM, shows product name and ALL branches
  • Respects content level security