Compare snapshots and maps (redlining)

You can compare snapshots or maps to find the specific textual differences between them.

The Redline with function is similar to a word processor's compare function. It produces an output by comparing a version of the map in the Authoring or Localization cycle to one of the following objects:
  • a copy of that map with the Published:done status
  • a copy of that map from a Snapshot

The additions and deletions in the comparison are highlighted in different colors. This marking of the differences is referred to as redlining. The colors are configurable by the administrator.

Changes to images in the topics may or may not be highlighted depending on the type of change made. If an image element is deleted or the image ID is replaced in the topic, then the change will appear in the redlined output. Editing the .image file itself such as adding a different format or editing the graphic will not result in the image being highlighted in the redline output.

Note: This functionality is only available if your system uses the DITA Open Toolkit version 1.8.5 or later.

To perform a redline comparison:

  1. Right-click the map and select Compare With > Redline with.
  2. Click the checkbox next to the map or snapshot to which you want to compare the map.
A PDF copy of the map is generated with the differences highlighted.