Output a Build Manifest

To output a Build Manifest in IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop, you use the Build Manifest output generator type.

Note: You must release the Build Manifest to get the most recent content.

You can also use the NightBuild script to generate the output. For more information on the NightBuild script, contact IXIASOFT Customer Support to ask about assistance from IXIASOFT Professional Services.

Output a Build Manifest in multiple languages

When you output a Build Manifest with translated content in multiple languages, the default settings is to generate an output for only the content that is in the Localization:done state (or equivalent in your deployment). No output is generated for content in other states. This ensures that only the final localized content is output and not partially-translated content.

If you want to generate output for content in other states, an admin can modify the <locstatusend> element in the build-manifest.bmanifest configuration file to include them. For more information on defining states to include for the Build Manifest template, see the Administration Guide for IXIASOFT CCMS.

Configure the Auto-save option

Generating a Build Manifest can take a long time, depending on the size of your maps and the number of output types/languages configured. Therefore, IXIASOFT recommends that you configure an output directory and select the Auto-Save option so that the Build Manifest outputs are saved automatically when the operation is completed.

Note: This output directory is only used when generating a build manifest from CCMS Desktop.

To output a build manifest in the CCMS Desktop:

  1. Right-click the Build Manifest to output and select Generate Output.
    The Generate Output window is displayed.
  2. Select the BuildManifest output type and click Create.
The outputs are generated for this map.
Note: This operation may take hours, depending on the number of output type/languages and map sizes.

When the output is completed, it is saved in a file called:


For example:

The zip file includes the following:
  • The Build Manifest file in XML format (for example, mte1425048934103.bmanifest)
  • A log file for the output operation (for example, mte1425048934103.build.html)
  • Directories for all the output types, as follows:
     authoring  --> Contains output 1 for the source language
          <language1> --> Contains the output for the localized language 1
          <languagex> --> Contains the output for the localized language x
     authoring  --> Contains output X for the source language
          <language1> --> Contains the output for the localized language 1
          <languagex> --> Contains the output for the localized language x

For example, the 18 outputs for the User Guide might be packaged as follows:

Sample Directory Structure