Set default values for ditaval files, languages, and user parameters

You can set a ditaval file, languages, and user parameters that will apply to all the output types defined in the Build Manifest.

When you set a ditaval file, languages, or user parameters in the Default values tab, they will be used for all outputs that do not have ditaval, languages, or user parameters values defined.

When you define values for a specific output type, the default values are ignored for that output type.

To define default values for the output types:

  1. In the Build Manifest window, select the Default values tab.
  2. To set a default ditaval file:
    1. In the Ditaval field, click the ... button.
      The Ditaval dialog is displayed.
    2. Select the ditaval file to use and click OK.
  3. To set default languages, select them in the Languages area.
  4. To set default user parameters:
    1. In the User parameters area, right-click the area and select Add.
      The User parameters window is displayed.
    2. In the Key field, enter the name of the user parameter.
      Note: The name specified in the Key must match *exactly* the name of the user parameter as defined in the preprocessors.xml file of the Output Generator; for example, ixia.args.rellinks.
    3. In the Value field, enter the value for this user parameter.
    4. Click OK.
      The parameter is added to the window.
    5. Repeat for every default user parameters that must be set.
  5. Save the Build Manifest.

The next step is to add and configure output types.