Reconnect to RDP server in a dedicated SaaS deployment

Reconnecting to IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop in a dedicated SaaS deployment involves double-clicking a remote desktop connection on your local machine and then opening CCMS Desktop.

Note: Some configuration changes are only applied if you re-download the RDP file, like you did when first connecting. Although you do need to download the RDP file each time you want to access the environment, it is good practice to re-download the RDP file regularly to have the latest configuration.
  1. (Optional): To change how much screen space the RDP session uses at launch, do the following:
    1. On your local machine, right-click the RDP file icon and select Edit.
      A Remote Desktop Connection dialog opens.
    2. Click the Display tab.
    3. In Display Configuration, adjust the slider.
    4. Uncheck Use all my monitors for the remote session.
    5. Click Connect.
  2. In the Windows Security dialog box, enter your credentials:
    1. Enter your domain\username using the domain and username specified in your account creation email from IXIASOFT.
      Troubleshooting: You received this error message:
      The user name or password that you entered is not valid. Try typing it again.

      Check that the username and domain are correct, and that you used a backslash "\" after the domain.

    2. Enter your password, which is specific to IXIASOFT CCMS.
      Even if you use common company credentials for CCMS Web, you must use IXIASOFT-specific credentials for CCMS Desktop.
    3. Click OK.
    The Remote Desktop Connection window opens. Inside the new window, you will see the IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop icon on the Desktop.
    Troubleshooting: You received this error message:
    The remote resource can't be reached. 
    Check your connection and try again or ask your network administrator for help.

    The RDP protocol might be blocked in your corporate network. Contact your IT, and ask to allow RDP on port 443.

  3. Inside the Remote Desktop Connection window, double-click the IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop icon.
    CCMS Desktop icon inside Remote Desktop Connection
CCMS Desktop launches in a new window.