Add taxonomy terms to multiple documents

The Taxonomy Terms view allows you to add terms to multiple documents at once.

The documents in the Documents pane must be locked before you can make changes to the taxonomy terms. If documents are not locked when you attempt to make a change, a message may appear to request permission to lock the documents. If you click OK to lock the documents, the documents are locked regardless of their status.

Once you click Apply, the taxonomy changes are applied to the documents. Documents that were in a 'lockable' status such as Authoring:work or the equivalent remain locked. Documents with an 'unlockable' status such as Authoring:done or the equivalent that were locked by the system are handled differently. When Apply is clicked, the document is released, a comment describing the change is automatically added to the Revision History, and the status remains unchanged. If any of the documents cannot be locked, an error message displays and the operation is canceled. To continue, either change the status of the affected documents so that they can be locked or remove them from the Documents pane.

Terms are added to the document's <metadata> section as keywords or categories, depending on how the system is configured.

To add terms to all the documents in the Documents pane:

  1. Open the Taxonomy Terms view.
  2. Select the documents:
    1. Locate the documents; for example, perform a search, open a map, or display them in a view.
    2. Drag the documents into the Documents pane in the Taxonomy Terms view.
  3. In the Taxonomy pane, click one or more taxonomy terms.
  4. Right-click the term(s) and click Add Term(s) to All Documents.
    If a message appears requesting to lock the documents, click OK.
  5. Click Apply.
    Important: Changes are not applied to the documents until you click Apply. Do not release documents before clicking Apply or the changes will be lost.
  6. Release the documents, as required.