Incorporate annotations into your topics

Edit your topics based on the annotations provided by the assigned reviewers.

Since the content in the topic may have changed between when the Collaborative Review was created and when you begin to incorporate the changes suggested in the annotations, you can use the Annotated Content view to provide context for the annotations and locate the position of the corresponding content in the topic open in the editor.

To work on the annotations:

  1. Right-click the map associated with the Collaborative Review on which you want to work.
  2. Optional: If you want to end the Collaborative Review so reviewers can no longer add annotations to that assignment, close the Collaborative Review.
  3. View the annotations from a Collaborative Review:
    1. Click Collaborative Review.
    2. Click View Annotations.
    3. In the Select Review dialog box, click the desired Collaborative Review from the list.
    4. Click OK.
      The annotations from the selected Collaborative Review open in the Annotations view.
  4. In the Annotations view, double-click an annotation.
    The Annotated Content view opens to display the content of the selected annotation and all replies to it from the Collaborative Review. The related topic also opens and locks in the editor (if possible).
  5. Use the content displayed in the Annotated Content view to locate the corresponding content in the topic.
  6. Optional: To help track the annotations you have incorporated, click the checkbox beside the annotation in the Annotations view.
  7. Make the required changes as suggested by the annotation.
  8. Click the right arrow in the Annotated Content view to move to the next annotation.
Once you have finished incorporating the feedback from the reviewers into the topic, change the status of the Collaborative Review to done.