Understanding the collaborative review process

IXIASOFT CCMS Web offers the Collaborative Review page from which reviewers can add annotations to their assigned content from a browser.

A Collaborative Review is an object that you can use to assign one or more reviewers to a map, set the ditaval file for the map, and set a due date for reviewing the content.

Once the Collaborative Review is created, an assignment automatically appears in the My Assignments page in CCMS Web for each of the assigned reviewers. The reviewers open their Collaborative Review assignments in CCMS Web and annotate the content.

You can end a Collaborative Review at any time, which closes it so it is no longer listed in the reviewer's My Assignment page.

When you are ready to incorporate the feedback into your topics, you can view the annotations from the Collaborative Review in the Annotations view. Double-clicking an annotation opens the Annotated Content view to display the feedback and also opens and locks (if possible) the related topic in the editor.

Once you have edited the topic based on the annotations, you can set the Collaborative Review to done.

Figure: Example of an open Collaborative Review
Annotations and Annotated Content views
Area Description
1 Annotations view Displays the annotations contained in the selected Collaborative Review.
2 Annotated Content view

Contains the details of the selected annotation:

  • The name of the reviewer who made the annotation.
  • The date and time when the annotation was made (or last modified).
  • The information provided by the reviewer.
  • The content containing the annotation as it appeared when the Collaborative Review was created.
  • The annotation marker which highlights content on which the annotation was made.
3 Navigation arrows Use to display the previous or next annotation in the topic open in the editor.