Creating a snapshot in DRM

When you create a snapshot, IXIASOFT CCMS creates an .xml file that contains the list of all the objects in the map along with their version numbers.

The map must not be locked, but the objects in the maps can be locked. The map and its objects can have any status.
Attention: The system uses the latest released version of the objects in the map when creating the snapshot. If you have objects in your map locked, the snapshot will not include these locked revisions. It will instead use the latest released revisions of these objects.

In the default configuration, when you create a snapshot, the snapshot object is in the Authoring:review status (or the equivalent in your deployment).

You can create a snapshot from any view that lists the map (Search Results, DITA Map, Dependencies, etc.).

To create a snapshot of a map:

  1. In a view that lists the map, right-click the map and select Create snapshot.
    The Create Snapshot window appears:
    Create Snapshot window Create Snapshot window
    By default, the title of the map is used as the title of the snapshot.
  2. (Optional): In the Title field, you can modify the snapshot title.
    You can use this to differentiate between snapshots taken of the map if required.
  3. In the Version field, specify the version for this snapshot.
    Note: Use the Version to differentiate between different versions of a snapshot. It is not related to the product version in IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management. Snapshots exist outside the product version structure.
  4. Click OK.
    The snapshot is created. You can search for a snapshot like any other object in CCMS Desktop.