Localizing a snapshot

Localization can be started from within a snapshot, without having to first go through to the Publish state in the workflow.

The advantage of localizing from a snapshot is that the translation work can take place in parallel to the writing process, and not have to wait until all content objects are in a Published state in the workflow.
Note: Content objects must be at least in the Authoring:done state in the workflow for the following process to be effective.
  1. Right-click the map and select Localization > Prepare Pre-Localization Kit from the menu.
    The Select Languages dialog appears.
  2. In the Select Languages dialog, select the required language(s).
  3. Click Create.
    The Generate Kit dialog appears as the localization kit is generated and zipped.
For more information on the localization process, see IXIASOFT CCMS 5.1 Desktop Users Guide.