Import error: System cannot find the path specified

This error occurs when one of the files references a file in another location, but the other file is neither in IXIASOFT CCMS nor is it included with the files being imported.


You receive a message in the Import Errors dialog similar to one of these:

The system cannot find the path specified: .../.../filename.dita

Unable to import dita file: .../.../filename.dita (The system cannot find the path specified) file: .../.../importFilename.dita


If you receive the first message, check the folder with the files that you are importing to ensure that the .../.../filename.dita file is included.

If you receive the second message, one of the files referenced (.../.../filename.dita) is a configuration file, for example DocixiaDitabase.dtd or mathml.ent. In this case, the file that you are trying to import is referencing configuration files that do not exist. Update the files you are importing so that they point to the correct configuration files, or add those configuration files to IXIASOFT CCMS.