This toolbar lets you perform many IXIASOFT CCMS functions with a single click.

The first section of the toolbar offers many of the general functions such as creating topics and importing files.
The second section of the toolbar gives you way of quickly performing many useful actions on the current document in the editor area (the topic or DITA Map Editor that is in front and has focus).

General functions

  create file icon Create new topic. Launches the Create Topic dialog.
  create map icon Create new map. Launches the Create Map dialog.
  image icon new Create new image. Imports a new image into the repository.
  Create Resource icon Create new resource. Imports a resource file into the repository.
  Clean dita views Clean all views. Resets all views to their original default state, without rearranging their position in the DITA Perspective.
  Connection information icon green Connection information. Gives you information about your connection status and user rights.
  Sync system files Synchronize configuration. Gives you immediate access to the most recent configuration files on the server.
  image icon newImport localized images. Imports localized images back into the repository.

Document-specific functions

The functions in this section act on the current document in the editor area – the one that is on top and has focus.

  Show Preview button Show Preview. Opens the Preview view, displaying the current topic.
  Select in Map button Select in Map. If the current topic or image is referenced by the map that's open in the DITA Map view, this button will produce a highlight on it.
  Lock button Lock. Locks the current topic.
  Release button Release. Releases the current topic.
  Clone button Clone. Clones the current topic.
  assign labels button Assign Labels. Lets you assign a label to the current topic.
  Dependencies button View Dependencies. Lets you view the dependencies of the current topic.
  Assign to button Assign to.... Lets you assign the current topic to users, and adjust settings such as its due date.
  properties button Properties. Lets you view system information about the current topic.
  copy button Copy. Opens a drop-down which offers the following choices:
  • Copy Reference – copies the current topic's file name to the clipboard. For example, jan1237848217831.xml.
  • Copy Full Path – copies the current topic's file name and absolute path within the TEXTML repository. For example, /content/authoring/jan1237848217831.xml.
  • Copy ID – copies the current topic's root ID to the clipboard. For example, jan1237848217831.
  compare with button Compare With. Opens a drop-down that lets you compare the current topic with other versions of it in the repository: Compare to Latest Server Revision, for example.
  change status button Change Status. Lets you change the status of the current topic.
  generate output button Generate Output. Lets you generate output from the current topic.
  Revision history button Revision History. Lets you view the current topic's revision history.
  Add to favorites button Add To Favorites. Adds the current topic to the Favorites panel in the Documents view.
  Open with button Open With. Opens a drop-down that lets you open the current topic with one of the other configured editors.