Export images

You may want to export images to edit them locally and then reimport them into the Content Store.

This can be useful when you are working remotely, and IXIASOFT CCMS is installed on a server that does not have the proper image editing tools. You can use the procedure below to export images locally, update them using your preferred image editor, and then reimport the images into the Content Store.

To export images:

  1. Use Search to find the image to export.
  2. In the Search Results view, right-click the image and select Edit.
    The Progress Information dialog will be displayed as the file is locked and the Show/Edit Image dialog appears.
  3. Click Export.
  4. Navigate to the directory where you want to save the image formats and click OK.
    All the available formats for the image are saved in the location you specified. For example:
    Sample exported images
  5. Edit the images with your preferred editor. Make any change required, and then reimport the files as described in Replace an image.