Edit an image

You can edit an image from within the DITA Perspective using your default editor.

Your image editor must be associated with the extension of the image type you intend to edit.
  1. Use Search to find the image to edit.
  2. In the Search Results view, right-click the image and select Edit.
    The Progress Information dialog will be displayed as the file is locked and the Show/Edit Image dialog appears.
  3. Select the Format name that corresponds to the picture to edit.
    Note: If you are changing content, you will need to edit all the different formats of a given graphic.
  4. Click Edit.
    The image opens in your default image editor.
  5. Make the required changes to the image, save it, and close the default image editor.
    The Show/Edit Image dialog reappears and the image you edited is now displayed in blue to indicate it has been modified. The Image area displays the new image's Mime type, Width, and Height; the image itself is previewed at the side.
  6. (Optional): Edit the Title and Description fields if required.
  7. Change the image Language, if applicable.
  8. If the edited image requires localization, select Needs Translation.
  9. Click OK.
  10. In the Search Results view, right-click the image and select Release.
The new image replaces the old image in the repository and all descriptive information is saved. If you have edited the default image, the new image will appear in all existing references.