Add a taxonomy term to a taxonomy

Use the Taxonomy Terms view to add taxonomy terms.

  1. In the Taxonomy Terms view, right-click the root node of the taxonomy.
  2. Select Edit Taxonomy.
    The taxonomy is locked, and the word [EDITING] appears beside it.
  3. Right-click either the root node or any of the child terms under it and choose one of the following:
    • Append Child Term – adds a term as a child of the selected term or taxonomy. This is the option you'll use when you add your first terms to a new taxonomy.
    • Insert Term – adds a term at the same level as the selected term. (Not available at the root node.)
    A row with "Untitled" values appears at the selected level.
  4. Enter a Human Readable value for the term.
  5. Double-click the term's Vocabulary Term Value.
  6. Enter a Vocabulary Term Value for the term.
    The Vocabulary Term Value is a key used to reference the taxonomy term. It can be the same as the Human Readable value or different depending on how your organization uses taxonomy terms.
    Note: The Vocabulary Term Value cannot have spaces since it is a key.
    If the Vocabulary Term Value already exists, the following message is displayed:
    A term with this value already exists. Do you wish to use the existing term?
    • To use the existing term, click Yes. You have completed this procedure.
    • To enter a different term, click No and specify another Vocabulary Term Value.
  7. Right-click the root node of the taxonomy and select Save Taxonomy.