Edit taxonomy terms

You can edit Human Readable and Vocabulary Term Value entries in a taxonomy term.

Note: When changes are made to a taxonomy, they are not automatically applied through all topics and maps where the changed term would apply. Taxonomy terms must be updated to the topics and maps where they would apply individually.
  1. In the Taxonomy Terms view, right-click the root node of the taxonomy.
  2. Select Edit Taxonomy.
    The taxonomy is locked, and the word [EDITING] appears beside it.
  3. Double-click the term you want to edit in either the Human Readable or Vocabulary Term Value pane.
    The entry becomes editable.
    Taxonomy term edit
  4. Type in the new term.
  5. Click outside the entry field.
  6. Repeat for each term you want to edit within the editable taxonomy.
  7. Right-click the root node of the taxonomy and select Save Taxonomy to save your changes.