Deliverable-specific highlights and icons

Additional highlighting and colored icons tell you when your deliverables have reached the Published and Localization cycles.

IXIASOFT CCMS helps you keep track of each map’s progress through the various production cycles such as Publish and Localization. You can tell at a glance which ones have arrived in the required cycles and open them for review.

You can also open previous versions of these deliverables, both in the authoring languages and the targeted translation languages.

When you expand each deliverable item you can see its subsidiary items:
  • Targeted translation languages – shows the languages that this deliverable is to be localized in.
  • Published – shows maps that have completed either the Authoring or Localization cycle and currently have the status Published:done.
  • Milestones – shows the due dates (if any) that are specific to a particular deliverable.

Targeted translation languages

The icons under the Targeted Translation Languages item represent the languages that this deliverable is to be localized in.
  • Blue icons – indicate translation languages specific to this deliverable. This includes languages set at the project level as well as those set for this particular map.
  • Green icons – indicate targeted translation languages in other projects. These are only for reference and cannot be removed.

In the illustration below, the map has been expanded to show its targeted translation languages. You can see that this deliverable is scheduled to be localized in German and Italian (blue icons). The green icons indicate that – in another project – this map is being translated into French and both Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Project Highlights - ex 1

Localization history

After a map has been published, it is ready to be localized. You can view the localization history (if any) under the appropriate icon. In the illustration below, the French icon has been expanded to show the versions of the map that are currently in the Localization cycle.

Note that these are all earlier versions of the map, which is currently at version 8.

Project Highlights - ex 2

Yellow highlighting

A yellow highlight on one of the targeted translation language icons tells you that the current version of the map has arrived in the localization cycle. As soon as the version of the map that is in your project is promoted into the Localization cycle in a specific language, a yellow highlight appears on the icon representing that language.

In the illustration below, you can see that there are yellow highlights on all three of the targeted translation languages. The French icon has been expanded so that you can see that the version number (13) matches that of the map.

Project highlights - ex 3


The published icon lets you see all the published versions of a map – in all its languages.

Maps arrive in the published cycle in two ways – from the Authoring cycle in their native language and from the Localization cycle in their targeted translation languages.

When you expand the Published item you'll see icons representing all the languages that the map has been published in.

In the example below, you can see that there are three targeted translation languages – French, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese – indicated with blue icons. The native authoring language – English – is indicated with a green icon.

You can see that none of the current localizations of this version of the map (9) have yet arrived in the Published cycle, although an earlier version has been published in French (3).

There are, however, several published versions in the original language. In the illustration below the English icon is expanded to show the versions that have been published. The highlight on the language icon indicates these include a version that corresponds to the map version (9).

You can click any of the versions to open it in the editor area.

Project Highlights - ex 4