Project Management view

The Project Management view gives coordinators an overview of their projects.

Project Management view displays information about projects in a collapsible tree view, which is organized into items such as Deliverables and Team. These in turn may be expanded to show items such as the members that make up a Team, and the various document life cycle Milestones for each Deliverable.

Use it to assemble the staff that will be responsible for documentation and review, to track the progress of the maps that make up the projects, and to designate the languages that each map will be translated into.

The Deliverables list

The Project Management view includes a Deliverables list that displays the selected project's deliverable maps, their IDs and status.

Two columns let you assess a specific deliverable's status with regard to its own or the project's milestones, whichever is closest.
  • Next Milestone – The next milestone date appears in this column.
  • Lateness – Each exclamation mark (!) in the Lateness column represents a milestone that was not completed by its due date.

Bulletin Board view

Project Management view is associated with the Bulletin Board view. This view displays messages that project coordinators have posted for their team using the Project Management view's Bulletin Board item.

Project management view