Specify default translation languages

This procedure sets the translation languages for all deliverables within a project.

The languages that you specify with this procedure become the default languages for all the maps in the current project.

You can remove default languages from specific deliverables or add additional languages to them, using the Specify targeted translation language procedure.

  1. Expand the project, if necessary, to display its items.
  2. Right-click the Default Translation Languages item, and select Manage from the menu.
    The Language Selection dialog appears.
  3. Select the Display languages by group checkbox if you want your selections presented by linguistic families: e.g., Indo-European.
    The specific languages and families are configurable and may vary.

    Language selection dialog

  4. Select the languages.
    If languages are already assigned in this project, their checkboxes will be selected.
  5. Click OK.
The selected languages appear as items under Default Translation Languages. They will also appear in the list of targeted translation languages under each deliverable in the project.