The Reltable Editing Perspective

IXIASOFT CCMS offers a view designed expressly for working with DITA relationship tables.

The Reltable Editing Perspective contains several views that you'll already be familiar with from the DITA Perspective and from the Eclipse environment: the DITA Map and Properties views. It adds to these the Relationship Outline view and Relationship Table Editor view.

Relationship Outline view

This view provides a quick way of locating all the reltable rows that contain a selected topic or topics.

When you highlight a topic in the DITA Map view, all the rows and tables where the topic is used will be listed in the Relationship Outline view.

If you highlight more than one topic, then the Relationship Outline view will first display the rows where both topics appear together, followed by lists of the rows containing each topic by itself.

Relationship Table Editor

This view lets you quickly visualize the tables and constituent rows, as well as the cells and their contents.
  • The Table Display area shows the tables in your map as collapsible nodes with their rows displayed beneath. You can right-click in this area to add and remove tables, rows, and cells.
  • The Filter field provides a way of locating rows in the Table Display area. Enter any string, and the Table Display area will show the rows whose names contain these characters.
  • The Row Display area shows the contents of the row that's highlighted in the Table Display area. The row name appears at the top. Each cell and its topics are displayed beneath. You can right-click in this area to add and remove topic groups.

RTE Perspective