Filter reltable rows in the Table Display area

You can use the Filter field of the Table Display area to locate specific rows in the reltables in your map.

As you enter characters in the Filter field, the Table Display area shows the row names that contain those characters.

To filter reltable rows in the Table Display area:

In the Filter field of the Relationship Table Editor, type in characters contained in the names of the rows you want to locate.
The Table Display area shows rows where the string is used.
Note: The filter function examines all text in the reltable, including the tags. So if you type in the string "ro", you'll see all the rows in the reltable, since they all begin with the tag <relrow>.
The screenshot below show the results of entering "as" into the Filter field. The two rows containing that string are displayed: "Document assignments" and "Assign values".

reltable search example 1

The following screenshot shows the rows displayed when the string "va" is entered.

reltable search example 2