Understanding the approval process

An Approval is an object that you can use to get a final sign-off on content. Approvers can use the Approval to either approve or reject the final draft of the content.

An Approval is an object that you can use to assign one or more approvers to a map, set the ditaval file for the map, and set a due date for reviewing the content.

Once the Approval is created, an assignment automatically appears in the My Assignments page in IXIASOFT CCMS Web for each of the assigned approvers. The approvers access CCMS Web, open the Approval assignment, and then either approve or reject the Approval.

Figure: Workflow process for Approvals
Workflow showing the steps writers perform and the steps approvers perform

If the approvers approve, the final draft can be published or sent to the next stage. If an approver rejects the Approval, the Approval cycle ends and you can fix the content. Whenever an approver rejects or approves the Approval, you receive an email notification.

You can also cancel an Approval if it is no longer needed. This removes it from the approvers’ My Assignment pages in CCMS Web regardless of whether the approvers have finished approving or rejecting.