Create an Approval

You can use an Approval to send a map to IXIASOFT CCMS Web for multiple approvers to approve the final version of content.

Maps you want to make an Approval for must have the status Authoring:approval, and all the content in the map must have either the Authoring:complete or Authoring:done status.

An Approval is an object that specifies the due date, DITAVAL file, and approvers for a given map. When you create an Approval, an output of the map is generated using the specified DITAVAL file and sent to CCMS Web, where an assignment is created for each approver on their My Assignments page.

If you want to send specific topics for review instead of an entire map, you can create a separate map containing only the topics you want reviewed and create an Approval for it instead.

  1. Right-click the map.
  2. Click Approval > Create Approval.
  3. In the Title box, type a title for the Approval.
    This title appears as the title of the assignment on the My Assignments page in CCMS Web. By default, the title of the Approval is the same as the map's title, but you can change it to something more meaningful for the Approval, especially if you have used a DITAVAL file.
  4. (Optional): In the Message box, type a message for approvers to describe the work required.
    The message appears as a comment on the assignment banner in CCMS Web.
  5. In the Due Date box, type a date for when you expect the approvers to complete their Approval or click the calendar icon Calendar icon to select a date.
  6. (Optional): If you want to use a DITAVAL file, click the browse icon and select the DITAVAL file you want to apply.
  7. (Optional): If you want to generate a PDF that approvers can download from CCMS Web, click the Generate PDF checkbox.
    Note: An administrator must configure this option before it is available. For more information on naming output types for Approvals, see: IXIASOFT CCMS Web User Guide for Administrators.
  8. In the Approvers box, select the checkboxes beside the names of the people you want to assign to the Approval.
    Once assigned, you cannot change the assigned approvers, and the Assign to menu option is disabled for Approvals. This ensures that the list of assigned approvers cannot be altered once decisions are made about the Approval.
  9. Click OK.

Assignments are created for each approver, and these appear on their My Assignments page in CCMS Web.

If email notifications have been configured, each approver assigned will receive an email about the Approval.