Install the BIRT feature

Use this procedure to install the open-source reporting tools.

The Eclipse IDE should be installed and configured.

IXIASOFT CCMS offers you the option of producing reports and graphs from the data in your repository. To do this you must download and install the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) developed by the Eclipse community.

  1. Click Help > Install New Software... from the menu bar.
    The Available Software dialog appears.
  2. Click Add....
    The Add Site dialog appears.
  3. In the Name field, enter Eclipse BIRT.
  4. In the Location field, enter the URL of the update site.
    Update sites are listed at the following website:
  5. Click OK.
    The Available Software dialog displays your new site.
  6. Select the items to install.
  7. Click Next.
    The Install Details dialog appears, displaying the features that will be installed.
  8. Select the set of features you want to install, then click Next.
    The Review Licenses dialog appears.
  9. Select I accept, then click Finish.
    Software installation begins.

    When software installation is finished, you will be asked if you want to restart Eclipse.

  10. Click Yes.
Eclipse restarts and opens. You can now open the Report Design Perspective.