Create the IXIASOFT CCMS data source

After you create the data set definition, you use it to generate the IXIASOFT CCMS data source.

The data set definition must already exist.

CCMS creates its data source files in TSV format. You can open these files in any spreadsheet application if you want to review their contents.

  1. In the Queries panel of the Search view, expand the Data Set Definition item.
    You can see the existing data set definitions.
  2. Right-click the required data set definition and select Generate Data Set.
A data source with the same principal file name as the data set definition that produced it appears under the Data Source item.

For example, the data source "Language_stats.tsv" is produced by the data set "Language_stats.xml".

The image below shows an example of a TSV file.

BIRT example one - Data Source