Create the data set definition

A data set definition sets up the criteria that produce your data source.

A TEXTML query must be defined.

A data set definition is, basically, an advanced form of XML query. Once you've defined an underlying XML query, the Data Set Definition dialog lets you extract information from specific columns.

  1. If necessary, open the DITA Perspective.
  2. In the Queries panel of the Search view, expand one of the TEXTML items to display its queries.
    You can base a Data Set Definition on either a Personal TEXTML or a Shared TEXTML query.
  3. Right-click the TEXTML query you want to use as your starting point, and select Data Set Definition.
    The Data Set Definition dialog appears.
  4. Enter the TSV File Name.
    Use the file naming convention that applies on your system. The .tsv extension will be added automatically.
  5. From the Available columns list, use the Add and Remove buttons to move desired items into the Show columns in this order list.
    Each row in the Available columns list defines a column in the data source TSV file.
  6. Under Operation select the operation you want performed on the first column of the data set.
    If you are configuring the first column (that's the first row here in the table), you have the following choices:
    • List all values
    • Group all values
    Your choice of operations for the first column will determine the operations available for subsequent columns.
  7. Under Filter select the subset of information that you want to extract from the column.
    Several columns, such as Stamp, contain complex information fields that you can utilize in different ways.
    Other columns – those that contain numerical values – let you extract information such as Maximum and Minimum, or support calculations such as Average.
  8. Click Save.
A new data set definition appears under the Data Set Definition item in the Queries panel. The item will have the same name as the ultimate TSV file, but will have the extension .xml. For example, a data set definition that's going to produce the data source "Language_stats.tsv" will be called "Language_stats.xml".

You can now use this data set definition to create a IXIASOFT CCMS data source.