Modify a data set definition

You can modify existing data set definitions and save them under another name.

Once you have defined a data set that extracts the information that you want to analyze and chart, you may want to modify it in minor ways.

Note: If you change the TSV file name, this will create a new data set definition. If you change the column definition information without changing the TSV file name, you will overwrite the existing data set definition.
  1. If necessary, open the DITA Perspective.
  2. In the Queries panel of the Search view, expand the Data Set Definition item.
  3. Right-click the data set definition you want to use as your starting point, and select Data Set Definition.
    The Data Set Definition dialog appears.
  4. If you wish, enter a new TSV File Name.
    When you enter a new file name, you'll create a new data set definition.
  5. Modify the columns and operations as necessary.
  6. Click Save.
If you changed the TSV file name, then a new data set definition appears under the Data Set Definition item.

If you kept the original TSV file name, then your original data set definition will be overwritten.

In both cases you will need to generate a new data source.