Create a new BIRT data source

Once you have created a report design, you connect it with the data source you want to use.

The report design must be open in the editor area.

The TSV data source that you created in the DITA Perspective becomes your data source in the Report Design Perspective. This procedure shows you how to locate the TSV file and create a new BIRT data source.

  1. If necessary, open the Report Design Perspective.
  2. In the Data Explorer view, right-click the Data Sources item and select New Data Source.
    The New Data Source dialog appears.
  3. Click the Create from a data source in the following list radio button.
  4. In the list, highlight Flat File Data Source.
  5. In the Data Source Name field, enter the name you want to use.
  6. Click Next.
    The New Flat File Data Source dialog appears.
  7. Use the Select folder field to locate the data source folder. Either:
    • Click the Browse button Browse button and then navigate the tree structure to the data source directory, OR
    • Enter the full path to the data source directory.
      Tip: You can get the path from the Data Source item in the DITA Perspective's Search view. See Obtain data source directory location.
  8. From the Select charset list, select UTF-8.
  9. From the Select flat file style list, select TSV.
  10. Click Finish.
The new data source appears under the Data Sources item in the Data Explorer view.
You must now create the BIRT data set.