About deleted topics

Objects that are removed from a DRM version are not shown as deleted when you synchronize that version with another.

For example, consider Version 4.1.1, which contains 3 objects: a map, Product A User Guide, and 2 topics. The User Guide is cloned in Version 4.1.2 and two new topics are added to Version 4.1.2, as shown below:

Map compare

if Topic2 is removed from version 4.1.1, it will not show as a deleted topic when you synchronize 4.1.1 with 4.1.2. It will appear in the "Changes in target" folder as a new file in 4.1.2. The Synchronization feature cannot determine if an object was deleted from a version.

You cannot delete objects using the Synchronization feature. To delete an object, you need to manually remove the object from the version and then delete it.