Manage conflict

When an object is in conflict, it is displayed with a red conflict icon in the Conflict folder.

To manage objects in conflict, you open them in the compare or default editor, according to your preference. IXIASOFT CCMS locks the document, opens the document in the editor, and shows the differences between the topics. You can look at the changes and accept or reject them as appropriate.
Note: You can merge two tables if the content of the table has changed but the structure has not changed (no row added/deleted, no column added/deleted). If the structure changed, the editor will display the table in the source version as deleted and the table in the target version as added content.
Some tips when resolving conflicts:
  • In the Eclipse Text Compare tool, select the Ignore White Space Where Applicable button () in the top menu bar (you can also right-click anywhere in the document and select Ignore White Space). This will improve the clarity of the document.
  • For more difficult changes, use the 3-way compare of Eclipse Text Compare tool. For more information, see Understanding the 2-way and 3-way compare modes.
  • Opening the Graph Clone Tree can also help you see the relationship between the cloned versions and the different revisions of an object. For more information, see Display the Graph Clone Tree for an object.

To manage conflicts in the Synchronization Tree:

  1. Right-click the object that is in the Conflict folder and select either Merge in > Compare Editor or Merge in > Default Editor depending on which editor you prefer.
    A message may be displayed indicating that the document must be locked. To stop displaying this message, select Don't ask again. Click Yes to lock and open the document.
    The editor opens and show the differences between the two documents.
  2. Accept or reject the differences, as appropriate.
  3. Save the document.
  4. In the Synchronization Tree, right-click the object and select Mark as Merged.
    The topic moves to the Merged folder.
  5. Right-click the topic in the Merged folder and select Release.
    The Release dialog is displayed.
  6. Enter a comment, if required, and click OK.
    The document is released and is removed from the Merged folder.