Working with a compare tool

You can see the differences between two objects using a compare tool.

By default, IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop uses the Compare Editor for comparing objects. The Compare Editor is a text compare tool provided with the Eclipse SDK. It displays the source object and the target object.

Note: You can also configure CCMS Desktop to use a different compare tool for the synchronization.

Open the Window > Preferences > IXIASOFT CCMS > General Behavior panel and specifying a compare tool.

Figure: The Compare Editor
Topic 1 conflict compare

You can do the following with the Compare Editor:

  • See the differences between two versions
  • Do 2-way and 3-way comparisons between objects
  • Apply or reject changes from the source version to the target version

For the Eclipse documentation on this tool, see Comparing resources in the Workbench User Guide (