Reopen a version

You can reopen any version that is closed If you need to change the content in it.

Before you can edit any of the content in a version that is closed, you need to change the statuses of the container and containerpart back to Authoring:open and the status of the version back to Authoring:development.

To reopen a version:

  1. Right-click the map or topic you want to update, and select Change Status.
  2. In the Change Status dialog, select the status in your workflow that you use for working or editing (for example, Authoring:work).
    A Cannot change status error message appears showing the container with a status that you need to change.
  3. Click Locate.
  4. Click OK.
    The Search Results view now shows the containerpart that is the parent of the map you want to edit.
  5. Right-click the containerpart, and select Change Status.
  6. In the Change Status dialog, select Authoring:open.
    A Documents Will Change Status message appears stating the container and version will change to status Authoring:open and Authoring:development.
  7. Click OK.

The containerpart, container, and version all change to an editable status. You can now change the map's status and edit it.

Note: If you create any new maps or topics, they are automatically added to the open container and containerpart.
If you want to update other maps or topics, keep in mind that they may be in other containerparts that are still Authoring:closed.

In that case, you can view the dependencies of the container, and change the status of all the containerparts at once through the Dependencies view.