Clone a version (branch a documentation set)

You clone a version when you want to use the content of a version as a starting point for the next version.

When you clone an existing version, the system automatically branches all the maps in that version. For each existing map, it creates a new version of the map with the same content as the source version.
Note: The cloned objects keep the same assignments as the existing version. They are not assigned to the person who cloned the version.

To clone a version:

  1. In the Dynamic Release Management view, right-click the version that you want to clone and select Clone Version.
    The Clone Version dialog box is displayed. The following diagram shows the Clone Version dialog for a product.
    Clone version
  2. In the Product or Library field, enter the product or library in which to clone the version.
  3. In the Release field, enter the release in which to clone the version.
  4. Give the version name and a description.
  5. Click OK.
    The new version is created. All the maps that were in the source version are branched in the new version.