Set up the documentation structure

Before writers can add objects (maps, topics, images, resources) to IXIASOFT CCMS, the documentation structure must be set up.

This implies determining the products, releases, and versions and includes the following steps:

  1. Create a product or a library (for example, MyLibrary ).
  2. Create one or more releases for that product or library (for example, MyLibrary4.0).
  3. Create one or more versions for that release (for example, This procedure is useful for creating the initial version in a release.
  4. Clone a version. This procedure is useful if you are creating a subsequent version in a release and want to reuse the same content as the previous version.
Note: Only users with the right role are allowed to create and update the documentation structure. This is configured per deployment.

Setting up the correct documentation structure is a very important step that should be discussed with IXIASOFT to ensure that the structure is optimal for your deployment. Once that structure is set up, it should be communicated clearly to end users so that they understand how they should create their documentation.

When this structure is set up, writers can create new objects; they simply have to specify to which version(s) the object applies.