Change your documentation structure (Refactor)

You can change a product into a library or a library into a product using Refactor.

For a product or library to be changed, the following parent and child dependencies must be respected:

  • DRM structure: a product cannot access objects directly from another product and a library cannot access objects from its parent or sibling libraries.
  • Content dependencies: child objects cannot be in a layer higher than their parent objects.

When a product is changed into a library, it is changed into the library layer specified as the default (isDefault="yes") layer in the libraryLayers.xml configuration file with its releases and versions intact.

To change the product or library:

  1. In the Dynamic Release Management view, right-click the product or library that you want to modify.
  2. Click Refactor.
Note: You can select only one object at a time to refactor. However, if you regularly refactor contact, you can contact IXIASOFT Customer Supportabout a plugin, called "Move to Library." It works similarly to refactor but allows multi-select.