Show views

Show views lets you open or redisplay views that are closed.

You can close and open views as you require. The following is not a comprehensive list of views.

Table 1. IXIASOFT CCMS general views
View Description Default Perspective
Bulletin Board Displays messages that have been added to a document map's Bulletin Board. Project Management
Dependencies Displays documents with a parent or child relationship to the selected document. DITA
DITA Map Displays maps. DITA
Ditaval Displays conditional processing profiles (DITAVAL) files. They are used to specify the sets of output parameters that you use most frequently, and then apply them as you generate the various types of output. DITA
Documents Displays user activity in terms of Recent Documents opened, Recent Operations on documents (for example, release, lock), and documents the user has marked as Favorites. DITA
Images Displays the images used in the map. You can use this view to copy the reference, ID, or full path of an image. Offline
Offline documents Displays a list of documents that are currently locked, so that you can unlock them all at once if desired. Offline
Preview Displays an HTML preview of the selected topic when you right-click Show Preview. DITA
Project Management Displays a summary of the projects for the current user. Project Management
Relationship Outline Used for building relationship tables. Reltable Editing
Relationship Table Editor Used for editing relationship tables. Reltable Editing
Search Displays results of a search within the current map. DITA
Search Results Displays results of a Content Store search. DITA
Taxonomy Terms Lets you manage taxonomies in a map and the documents that contain their terms. DITA
Todo List Displays the user's list of Active document objects. DITA
The following Eclipse views are available for use within the DITA Perspective. More extensive information is available from Eclipse help.
  • Outline view - displays structured files in a hierarchical format. If you are using an editor that supports this view, you'll be able to see the structure of the XML file that's currently open in your editor.
  • Properties view - shows the properties of a map or topic in the DITA Map view.
  • Error log view - displays information that may help you resolve technical problems (for example, if you have modified a DTD).

To open a view:

  1. Click Window > Show View from the menu bar.
  2. Select the view you want to show.
    To show additional views, browse the options provided in Window > Show View > Other.
    The view displays in one of the panes of the DITA Perspective.
  3. (Optional): Click the view's tab to drag it where you want. You can layer several views in each pane.
    View positions are saved when you exit Eclipse.