Updating previous versions of topics, images, and resources

You can replace older versions of an object in one Version with a newer version of the object from a different Version.

For example, Task1 v2 in Version 2 has changed, and it can now replace Task1 v1 in Version 1 (MapA v1). You can update Version 1 so that it also uses the task from Version 2, as shown below:

When Version 1 is updated to use Task1 v2 from Version 2, IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop updates Container_v1 so that KeyB now references Version 2 of the topic. Task1 v1 is no longer referenced by Container_v1. If Version 1 was the only Version that Task1 v1 was in, it is now an orphan with no Primary Version.

To update another Version with an object:

  1. Right-click the object that you want to use to replace objects in other Versions.
  2. Select IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management > Update to.
    The Update with dialog is displayed. It lists Versions that contain other versions of the object:
    Merge window
  3. Select the Version(s) with the objects you want to replace.
    The version of the object used in these Versions will be replaced with the version of the object that you selected.
  4. Click OK.

    The Version(s) are updated to use the selected version of the object.

    Tip: If the update results in orphans (objects that are not referenced by any other object in the repository), the orphaned objects appear in the Replace with Objects in Versions dialog box. To perform other operations on the orphans, click the Locate button. This opens a list of the objects in the Search Results view.