Display document object properties

Every document object in the repository has a set of properties that describe and identify it uniquely.

Document properties include information such as the file name, status, creation date, and last modified date. This information is updated each time there is a change to the file.

To view properties for a document object:

  1. Open the DITA perspective.
  2. Search to locate the document object you want to view.
  3. Right-click the file and select Properties.
    The File Properties window appears:
    Figure: File Properties window for a topic

    Properties are categorized as follows:
    • File System Information: Provides the file name, path, size, and MIME type.
    • Creation Information: Provides information on the documentation team members who have worked on the file and the dates.
    • Metadata Information:Provides the file type, status, title, language, lock, and document cycle status.
    • Version Label: Provides the last published version of the document and other version details. Version labels appear in the Version: Provides the version labels applied to this object.
  4. Click Close.