Change the status of an object

This procedure describes how to update the status of a document object in the document cycle.

  • The document object must have a status other than published (or as defined in your configuration).
  • The document object must be unlocked.

This function is available from all views.

To change the status:

  1. Locate the documents; for example, you can perform a search.
  2. Release any locked document objects for which you want to change the status.
  3. Select and right-click the document(s).
    Note: If you are selecting more than one document, they must all have the same status (check the Status column).
  4. Click Change Status from the menu.
    The Change Status window appears:
    Figure: Change Status window

    The statuses available depend on which cycle is applicable for the parent map ( Authoring in the example above) and the states configured in your deployment.
  5. Do either of the following:
    • Beside New Status, select a status from the drop-down list.
    • Click a status in the flow chart.
    Note: If you cleared the Substantial Change option when releasing the document object, certain states may not be available.
  6. (Optional): To enter a comment, do one of the following:
    • Under Comment, enter a comment.
    • Select a comment from the Choose a previously entered comment area.
    • Select one or more comments in the Preset comments area.
    Note: If preset comments have not been configured, the Preset comments area will be blank.
    The comment that you enter will appear under Last User Comment in everyone's Todo Lists, as well as in the other places that file properties are displayed.
  7. Click Change.
    Note: If your system is configured for obligatory comments, you will need to enter a comment.
    If this change impacts other documents—other maps that refer to a topic, for example—a warning dialog appears.
    Status change warning
  8. Click OK to continue with the change.
    The status is updated and displayed in the various views.

    If you have demoted a document to the beginning of its cycle, you are automatically assigned that document.