Create soft links

Soft links let you create logical connections between resource objects and objects.

Soft links create a dependency from a binary object to a DITA object. This can be used, for example, to indicate that an image is used in both a map and legacy documentation stored in a resource. If you need to update the image, then you know that you will also need to update it in the legacy documentation. You could also use this feature to link a map to its FrameMaker legacy documentation resource so that you can access it later on if necessary.

Note: Soft links have no impact on the objects being linked, on the workflow, or on the output. They simply provide logical linking information.

To create soft links, you manually create a dependency between the binary object and the DITA object through the Dependencies view, as follows:

  1. Open the Dependencies view for the DITA object to link.
    For example, to link a map to a FrameMaker legacy documentation resource, open the Dependencies view for this map.
  2. If soft links are not listed in the map's dependencies, click Show soft links ().
    Two dependency categories are displayed:
    • Inward Soft Links: Objects that link to this document.
    • Outward Soft Links: Objects to which this document links.
  3. Search for the resource or image to which you want to link.
    The object is listed in the Search Results window.
  4. Drag the resource element to the Outward Soft Links category in the Dependencies view.
    For example:

    Create soft links

    The resource element is added as an outward soft link. For example:

    Outward soft link

    The map will appear as an inward soft link in the Podcasts object's dependencies.