About resources

Resources let you store non-DITA material (such as PDF files, legacy documentation, etc.) with a documentation project.

When document deliverables are developed, you may have background or related material that isn't part of the deliverable itself, but that you will want to store close to the related documents, so that you can find it easily. For example, you might want to store the project schedule charts you used with a particular documentation suite, or a list of map variables and the topics where they are used.

Resources allow you to bundle similar items and store them in the repository. You can add the resources to a map or to a project.

Resources are imported into the repository like images and topics. While you import a resource, you can add keywords and other descriptive text that will help you find the resource when you need to search for it. You can go back and edit this data later on using the Edit resource metadata procedure.

Resources go through cycles and status changes just like other files. You can manage resources in the same ways that you manage your topics and maps.