Edit resource metadata

Once you have created a resource, you can change its title, description, and user properties.

To edit a resource metadata:

  1. Use Search to find the resource to edit.
  2. In the Search Results view, right-click the resource and select Edit from the menu.
    The Progress Information dialog will be displayed as the file is locked.
    The Show/Edit Resource dialog appears.
  3. Make your edits to the Title and Description fields.
    Enter all the keywords in the Description field that you think may be useful when you next want to search for the resource.
  4. If required, click User Properties.
    Note: If the User Properties button is disabled, it means that resource properties have not been defined in the system configuration userproperties.xml file. Please consult your administrator.
    The User Properties dialog opens.
  5. Enter or select values as required.
    The User Properties dialog is another way for you to enter indexable information about a resource. The fields or selection lists that appear here are configurable and will vary according to your setup.
  6. Click OK.
Your changes are saved to the repository.